'Inspire My Life' art retreat moments....

       Kim Geiser knows how to throw an art party! Her ' Inspire My Life event was to good to be true.
 I  felt honored to be in the company of so many talented and humorous women! I can't describe how uplifting it is to be immersed in ART with good food and good wine and lots of laughs. However, the 'Inspire My Life' event is such a success because KIM is at the center of it. She is seriously one of the most GENUINE people to walk this earth, and her playful spirit is infectious. Some people have no idea how much they help others not just by teaching, but by simply BEING. Thank you Kim.

                      I sent this mixed media on canvas photo of me & Mel to Kim as a thank you.

                               Oooh la la Mel, your Vintage French canvas is c'est magnifique!


       Kim Geiser's Persimmon Studio, brimming with color and inspiration in every nook and cranny!


  1. Oh my GOSH Lori!!! I just love the canvas of you and me!!! You are just fab and I'm so happy I was able to take your Vintage French Canvas class! It was so fun and inspirational. I have to get up to Duluth one of these months! :D

  2. Mel, YOU were a huge part of the joy of that weekend!I look so forward to our next adventure together!!!!! and our casa is su casa ANYTIME!!!! xxxooo

  3. New follower, love Miss Kim, and so do you, meant to be...look forward to getting to know you...