uncorked junkmarket style art class with lori sparkly

Queen of the Winery!!!!!  $25.00 per person
at Four Daughters Vinyard & Winery, Spring Valley MN
2:00 p.m. Saturday MAY 30, 2015
at this fabulous event - Uncorked Junkmarket Style!!!!! 
join us for this fun and sassy mini collage art class ! Guess what? This is an uncomplicated casual class, geared to ALL levels of artistic ability, consisting mostly of cutting & pasting, a little light painting and a dab of doodling. Yeah, a dabba doodles. Ahahaha, I crack myself up…Anyhoo, Sparkly Heart Studio is providing a handy-dandy ‘every bit kit’, including a pretty aqua pre-basecoated 6”x6” canvas, colorful collage papers, and all other materials necessary to produce your very own ‘Queen of the Winery’ masterpiece! ( see? I told you this was going to be easy! )  Lori Sparkly will guide you step-by-step and answer your questions along the way. Wine, music, shopping, friends, and now a fun class too??? really, could your day get any better? Sounds like paradise!!! Or as Sue Whitney would say, COOL BEANS!!!!!

registration now open!!!!
to reserve your space for class, click the Paypal button on the right !!!

1. Am I going to get messy?
   answer: not too much, but it’s likely you will get some water-based glue on your hands. We will provide water and towels for washing hands after completion.
2. Is the class ‘kid-friendly’?
   answer: due to the use of scissors and adhesives, this class is recommended for ages 15 and up.
3. do I need to bring anything to class?
   answer. nope. In this very special limited edition Sparkly Heart Studio class everything will be provided onsite for you.
4. can I reserve a space for my friend too?
   answer: sure!!! the more the merrier!

5. Can I wait until the day of class to decide whether to attend?
    answer: we will have a limited number of kits on hand to
accommodate ‘drop-in’ students, but we encourage reserving your spot in advance to guarantee your spot.
6. Can I wear a tiara ?
   answer: of course!!! we encourage it!!!
7. Can we sip wine while taking this class?
   answer: I am pretty sure that’s ok… we are at a winery…
8. Can I just purchase the kit and then take it home to make it?
   answer: sure!  if you want to buy the kit, and just listen in on the instruction part that’s fine with us. We know everybody has different comfort levels. Your $25.00 purchase covers your kit and instructions, and you are welcome to participate at your own discretion. We love you no matter what!
9.  do you have a refund policy?
   answer: class is non-refundable, however it is transferable.
10. what if I don’t use paypal?
   answer: we love paypal because it’s efficient and secure, but we will also take personal checks

                                   I will have a booth at this show as well,
                                       with my art and jewelry for sale!!!
                                                      I HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!!! 

                                                            I am craving flowers.

                                          I am craving color.

                                      I cannot be the only one?

                               Let's give Mother Nature a little wake- up call.


                                                   *if you appreciate texture, 

                              you will LOVE working on these      
                                      new burlap canvases!

                            I printed a picture of the Eiffel Tower
                                   and cut it out  as a template...

                         then traced & cut out vintage paper Eiffel Tower

                               before adhering paper Eiffel Tower, 
                                  stamp harlequin pattern on burlap
                                              using    Rubbermoon's 
          ' Ultimate Red Rubber Palette' ...this is SO MUCH FUN!!!
                            just put a lil' dab of thinned white paint onto palette, 
                              then stamp to your heart's content!


                                              *it doesn't have to be perfect, 
                          the burlap lends gorgeous dimension.

                         use your favorite paper glue to adhere Eiffel Tower...

                                          add light wash of spring colors
                                  to harlequin diamonds...

start placing pretty posies and glue to burlap...

                   sprinkle LIBERALLY with colorful sparkles...
                           (but of course! why wouldn't you?)

                        add artsy sketchy details to Eiffel Tower
                                     with charcoal pencil...

                                                                almost there.....

                                           scribbled phrase and edge details, 
                                 ooooh, love that charcoal!!!

                      a bit of vintage' French French' tossed in 
                                               for balance 

                             a pretty ribbon to hang on the wall

                              and ooh la la! Spring is in the air!!!!!

                                 *find diamond stamp at Rubbermoon.com

                                 *find Ultimate Red Rubber Palette at 




sketchy sketchy

                                                              little mime coming alive

                                                                        outline mime

                                                                   details details....

                                             another use for cell phone - a perfect template!

cut out...

                                                       hmmmm, what to mount him on?.....

                                                   oh yeah! dig through old book collection!

                                                        vintage book back cover 'frame'

                                                 it's ok, it's tattered, no guilt about trimming....

                                                               trimmed and ready!


                                      oooh!!!  love vintage Monopoly money, let's add some!!!

                 kp 'mod marks'5098 border - my favorite stamp from   
                                          RUBBERMOON !!!!!   



                                               then a tiny mime Valentine message

                                                    and maybe some frilly ribbon 'tails'...

                                       what's missing?.... just a smidge of sparkly RED

                                      and our little mime can speak for himself !

                                                   HAPPY VALENTINES DAY !!!
                                                            Sparkly Heart Studio


               * Find the coolest stamps on the planet at rubbermoon *


For many years I was a decorative /faux painter and worked on HUGE surfaces...walls and ceilings. I painted murals, stenciled, troweled, plastered, climbed ladders & scaffolding and hauled buckets ( so GLAMOUROUS!!!) but what I really really loved most about it was just the freewheeling glee of SMOOSHING and LAYERING color all over a big white surface, sometimes with both hands flying in the paint... cuz if I didn't work quickly enough, I ended up in deep doo-doo with a sticky uncooperative mess on the wall...

ANYHOO, those years served me well - I still LOVE to smoosh paint, but on a mucho smaller surface.

 and without ladders.  yay!

Back then, one of my favorite decorative painting techniques was called 'ghost-stenciling' -  duplicating the look of old variegated fading wallpaper using a giant patterned stencil. It never failed to produce ELEGANT, BEAUTIFUL and slightly MYSTERIOUS looking walls...


of course, it's perfectly logical, right?????  I just happen to have these oh-so-fun  RUBBERMOON STAMPS...and canvas...and curiosity...

*find bazillions of inspiring stamps to experiment with here:

find Art Squares here:

                                       Here's a fun 'no-paint' project to create just in time for Christmas!

                  Hahaha! I just noticed you can see my reflection taking the picture in every shiny bulb...

                               Shhhhhhh...don't tell hubby where his coffee filters disappeared to...


                                                   they are perfect for background collage work

just adhere with your favorite glue
to a small canvas

presto!!!!     INSTANT VINTAGE!!! 

that's probably an oxymoron, huh?

use a pretty scissors to cut frilly background for your image

add your choice of St. Nick image

tear a piece of coffee filter and glue to fill in bottom area of canvas

'stitch' a frame around canvas using just the first dash-mark on this 
fun rubber stamp by Rubbermoon.com

madly stamping! allover print with this funky fave by Rubbermoon 

  add some shimmer with vintage looking glitter

another one of my superduper creative design elements!!!!!!  ...the striped DSW bag!!!!!

it's only too bad I have to buy shoes to get one...

cut bag into strips for sides of canvas, and glue.

see how simple????? yup!!!!!

Pink and red go together in my world... so pink sparkle ribbon too!

Add some good wishes with vintage looking text, and VOILA!!!! 

 and to make your Christmas merrier,  create matching wrapping paper using kraft paper and Rubbermoon stamps,
gift tags from old sheet music and glitter, red and pink curly ribbon, and vintage Christmas balls!

Sleighbells ring, Are you listening? 


After being FB friends for years I finally had the true pleasure of meeting and hosting Kristen Powers, aka Kae Pea. I have long been smitten with her artistic style and her engaging positive spirit.

and let me tell you, she is simply amazing.

She shines.

She is humble, warm & funny.

and she radiates with joy when sharing what she loves. 

 a creative beacon.

and generous by nature, she gave me this beautiful print below, which now graces my studio.

Over a glass or two of wine, we stayed up into the wee hours talking about art, family, life,
 and the beauty 
of meeting 'soul sisters.

and how lucky we are to make art.

so very lucky
that when we decide to follow our heart
there are people who 
believe in us
and help us excel,

like Kristen's delightful

  sister Bridgette, her sidekick, sounding board, and - methinks indispensable - source of encouragement, humor and strength. 

Kristen is also the owner of a fabulous rubber stamp company, called Rubber Moon Art Stamp Co.

Along with her talent, she brought catalogs and stamps and all kinds of fun products for us to jumpstart our creative streak.


I sincerely did not want them to leave. ever. 


How about January, Kristen? heeheeheehee


find Kristen's art at kaepeaart.com

find Rubber Moon Art Stamps at rubbermoon.com