Gleeful Day - Guests in Studio!

 I just LOVE having company in the studio! My wonderful artist friend Teresa Kolar came over for an art 'playdate' and we spent the WHOLE DAY painting . GASP!  Her husband thought for sure that a WHOLE DAY painting would become a bit tiring ( he meant boring ). Do we LOOK bored?

 He doesn't know that studio time travels at the speed of light.

Which is why we need giant glasses of wine to stay hydrated.

                                                      proper tools for the mostly serious artist.

*Teresa has an exhibit of her new paintings beginning Oct 28 at Lizzard's Gallery. Please come to the opening and say hello! 


                  More lovely visitors created beautiful collages in my recent 'Rare Bird' class at the studio.

my 'Rare Bird' collage

                      lots of composing, creating, cutting, pasting, glittering, and laughing going on here.
                                                      I love my classes
                                                      I love my students.
                                                      I learn something new every time I teach.