OOH-LA-LA!!! scenes from my Vintage French Canvas class!

  I had a wonderful experience earlier this year teaching a mixed-media class with a Vintage French theme. Here is a  pic of my sample Vintage French mixed-media canvas, along with the class kits I put together for each student.

 A peek at just some of the goodies inside each kit... glitter, ( but of course! ) vintage sheet music, doilies, rhinestones, charcoal, crayons, visual guide for Eiffel tower sketch, and a little black box containing deux utterly decadent handmade gourmet chocolate truffles from my friend Heidi at 185 Chocolat, which we devoured while sipping champagne. And that was before class even got underway!

                                                            The calm before the storm!

                                       Creative geniuses at work! Smooshing on basecoat layer.


    Toni's ( that's her peeking from behind ) awesome nearly finished canvas. I love how each canvas end up reflecting the personality of the student!

             My dear friend Mave, front and center, along with some of the gals showing off their works in progress. These women ( and one very good-natured guy named Jay ) are all supremely skilled professional decorative painters. I felt honored to be teaching amongst such talent!

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