uncorked junkmarket style art class with lori sparkly

Queen of the Winery!!!!!  $25.00 per person
at Four Daughters Vinyard & Winery, Spring Valley MN
2:00 p.m. Saturday MAY 30, 2015
at this fabulous event - Uncorked Junkmarket Style!!!!! 
join us for this fun and sassy mini collage art class ! Guess what? This is an uncomplicated casual class, geared to ALL levels of artistic ability, consisting mostly of cutting & pasting, a little light painting and a dab of doodling. Yeah, a dabba doodles. Ahahaha, I crack myself up…Anyhoo, Sparkly Heart Studio is providing a handy-dandy ‘every bit kit’, including a pretty aqua pre-basecoated 6”x6” canvas, colorful collage papers, and all other materials necessary to produce your very own ‘Queen of the Winery’ masterpiece! ( see? I told you this was going to be easy! )  Lori Sparkly will guide you step-by-step and answer your questions along the way. Wine, music, shopping, friends, and now a fun class too??? really, could your day get any better? Sounds like paradise!!! Or as Sue Whitney would say, COOL BEANS!!!!!

registration now open!!!!
to reserve your space for class, click the Paypal button on the right !!!

1. Am I going to get messy?
   answer: not too much, but it’s likely you will get some water-based glue on your hands. We will provide water and towels for washing hands after completion.
2. Is the class ‘kid-friendly’?
   answer: due to the use of scissors and adhesives, this class is recommended for ages 15 and up.
3. do I need to bring anything to class?
   answer. nope. In this very special limited edition Sparkly Heart Studio class everything will be provided onsite for you.
4. can I reserve a space for my friend too?
   answer: sure!!! the more the merrier!

5. Can I wait until the day of class to decide whether to attend?
    answer: we will have a limited number of kits on hand to
accommodate ‘drop-in’ students, but we encourage reserving your spot in advance to guarantee your spot.
6. Can I wear a tiara ?
   answer: of course!!! we encourage it!!!
7. Can we sip wine while taking this class?
   answer: I am pretty sure that’s ok… we are at a winery…
8. Can I just purchase the kit and then take it home to make it?
   answer: sure!  if you want to buy the kit, and just listen in on the instruction part that’s fine with us. We know everybody has different comfort levels. Your $25.00 purchase covers your kit and instructions, and you are welcome to participate at your own discretion. We love you no matter what!
9.  do you have a refund policy?
   answer: class is non-refundable, however it is transferable.
10. what if I don’t use paypal?
   answer: we love paypal because it’s efficient and secure, but we will also take personal checks

                                   I will have a booth at this show as well,
                                       with my art and jewelry for sale!!!
                                                      I HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!!! 


  1. Looks like so much fun. Hope you have a marvelous event! xox

  2. Wish I were there!! I would love to sip wine and make art with you!!