'April In Paris' Tutorial

                                                            I am craving flowers.

                                          I am craving color.

                                      I cannot be the only one?

                               Let's give Mother Nature a little wake- up call.


                                                   *if you appreciate texture, 

                              you will LOVE working on these      
                                      new burlap canvases!

                            I printed a picture of the Eiffel Tower
                                   and cut it out  as a template...

                         then traced & cut out vintage paper Eiffel Tower

                               before adhering paper Eiffel Tower, 
                                  stamp harlequin pattern on burlap
                                              using    Rubbermoon's 
          ' Ultimate Red Rubber Palette' ...this is SO MUCH FUN!!!
                            just put a lil' dab of thinned white paint onto palette, 
                              then stamp to your heart's content!


                                              *it doesn't have to be perfect, 
                          the burlap lends gorgeous dimension.

                         use your favorite paper glue to adhere Eiffel Tower...

                                          add light wash of spring colors
                                  to harlequin diamonds...

start placing pretty posies and glue to burlap...

                   sprinkle LIBERALLY with colorful sparkles...
                           (but of course! why wouldn't you?)

                        add artsy sketchy details to Eiffel Tower
                                     with charcoal pencil...

                                                                almost there.....

                                           scribbled phrase and edge details, 
                                 ooooh, love that charcoal!!!

                      a bit of vintage' French French' tossed in 
                                               for balance 

                             a pretty ribbon to hang on the wall

                              and ooh la la! Spring is in the air!!!!!

                                 *find diamond stamp at Rubbermoon.com

                                 *find Ultimate Red Rubber Palette at 




  1. Oui Oui!! Love it! Thank you SO much for sharing such a fun project. Much needed on this dismal day!!

  2. Le Tour Eiffel, always makes me happy, but with all the winter around it makes me VERY happy looking at YOUR Eiffel.

  3. Sweet. I have the red rubber pad. Why have I not been following this all along? xox