Lori Franklin’s
  • 1. there’s no salt in your salt shakers, but lots of pretty glitter.
  • 2. there’s at least one speck of paint on every piece of clothing you own, even your socks.
  • 3. your toaster oven is used for fimo clay.
  • 4. you have dipped your paintbrush in your coffee.
  • 5.a new box of color crayons still makes you weak in the knees.
  • 6. you run with pinking shears.
  • 7. studio time is your ‘twilight zone’.
  • 8. you think pears and eggplants are for painting still lifes.
  • 9. everything has ‘potential’.
  • 10. you make less dough than that breadmaker sitting on your countertop.
  • 11. you look forward to the annual ‘pantone color forecast’.
  • 12. you know who pantone is.
  • 13. mac rules your world.
  • 14. you have a short attention sp
  • 15. you actually like the smell of paint.
  • 16. a broken dish is a mosaic waiting to happen.

  • 17. the only ‘waxing’ you do is on canvas.
  • 18. your double boiler is used for the wax.
  • 19. you love do-it-yourself projects.
  • 20. except for wallpapering. or taking down wallpaper.
  • 21. you have painted over wallpaper. successfully.
  • 22. you are a glutton for punishment and make your own wallpaper.
  • 23.  you discover that the art of skip-troweling translates to canvas beautifully.
  • 24. you hear the waffle iron begging you to try embossing clay in it.
  • 25. you ignore the waffle iron. so far. but soon you may need a new waffle iron.
  • 26. people don’t ‘get’ your Halloween costume of Picasso in his Blue Period.
  • 27. people immediately ‘get’ your Halloween costume of Frida Kahlo.
  • 28. you have bonded with other artists over the joys of ‘doodling’.
  • 29. a productive day in the studio is your wonder drug.
  • 30. getting messy is a good and necessary thing.
  • 31. getting organized is also a necessary thing.
  • 32. the pet hairs in your wet paint inspire a new texture idea.
  • 33. a beret is obviously for your head, not for your hair.
  • 34. your blow dryer has paint specks on it.
  • 35. you have bought a friend’s art.
  • 36. you suddenly slow or stop your car to savor any of the following:  clouds, a rainbow, a peaceful valley, moonlight on water, glittering snow, or( insert your visual here) _________________.
  • 37. you have explained to the officer no you were absolutely not texting, you were distracted by the supreme beauty of nature.
  • 38. you promise to be more attentive. But you know it will happen again. Maybe you should just be a passenger.
  • 39. you are eternally grateful to your family who kind of understands what you do, but enthusiastically loves and supports and admires everything you do anyway.
  • 40. Your Facebook artist friends are your cheerleaders.
  • 41. Your local artist friends are your therapists and soul sisters.
  • 42. You believe in yourself as much as they do.
  • 43. your right brain never allows you to remember which side is the creative one.
  • 44. you know how to pronounce ‘quinacridone’ and ‘cerulean’.
  • 45. you always marvel at the natural color of beet juice – fuschia! wow! maybe you should try to dye something…
  • 46. you decide to dye Easter eggs using only ‘natural, dyes…tea, onion skins, beet juice, etc.
  • 47. You wonder what beet juice would look like when mashed into hard-cooked egg yolks for deviled eggs. You try it.
  • 48. It looks like spam-filled deviled eggs, only worse.
  • 49. Your kids heckle you forever on ‘spam-eggs’.
  • 50. You pride yourself on creating artistic ‘family memories’. After all, life is all about family…and art! 

  •  If you can relate to any or all of these, YOU JUST MIGHT BE AN ARTIST!!!!!


  1. Yes Lori - I can relate! I have recently done the paintbrush in my drinking glass thing - LOL! The worst part - I almost drank the water until I realized, it shouldn't be a bright color. As always, love your posts... xoxo

  2. These are great Lori! I can so relate #9 and #36 resonate with me! Yes, hence I do have a few hoarding skills. Fun to your photo!
    Clever n' fun to read :D

  3. aaah, Colleen and Ella, two of my favorite artist compadres!!!!! Thank you for the lovely comments!

  4. Ahhh Lori! I loved this post! I really relate to it! Especially the " A spot of paint on every piece of clothing that I have. And "Everything has potential!

  5. Thank you Heather! I bet you have a few more to add to the list...! :) I had to stop at 50, but I could keep going on and on... xoxo

  6. Amazing post, can relate to {almost} all of these and more..... addition to number 15 : I actually like the TASTE of paint too, hehe. Oh, I am also your latest stalker.....xoxo J

  7. What a great post and so true! I am also a Minnesota resident and a mixed-media artist (though I use that "A" word with caution, still early in my art journey) :)
    I live in a suburb of MPLS, but several family members live NORTH, in Big Fork, MN so I go there often. Your work is beautiful!!

    1. Thank you so much Julie! I will go over to your blog! :)

  8. ha ha! Those were so funny (and, in most instances for me, true) What a darling blog you have here, Lori! Can't wait to come by and see more

    :) Amanda

  9. Perfectly written!! Every single one!!!! Xoxoxox you are amazing!!! Xoxox

  10. Made me smile the big smile today my sweet art sister. Xoxo

  11. Made me smile the big smile today my sweet art sister. Xoxo