Last Saturday my husband and I had a chance indulge our inner junkmeister at Sue Whitney and Lanette Lorsung's fabulous 'Junkmarket Under Glass' event. Held in a sunny greenhouse near Minneapolis, it's an exquisite jumble of skillfully repurposed vintage goods, ( my FAVORITE ), hip antiques, and dealers whose booths showcase their passion for beauty and design. We arrived in the last few hours of the last day, and the atmosphere was positively brimming with  giddy exhilaration of a hugely successful 3 day show. 
I did take a few pictures, but out of respect, only after receiving permission to post, and also only from those vendors that I bought something from.( It feels tacky to me to snap photos willy-nilly, with the vendor having no idea who I am, or why I want photos...) so here they are.

I positively DROOLED at this booth  - I love her style and colors!  This is Colleen Rausch,
owner of Stones Throw. Her salvaged home decor items are seriously amazing.
Her daughter, Cassie Smith, is a talented jewelry designer and filled a portion of the booth with her Sassy Cass Jems.
It was a challenge to decide upon which piece to buy, there were so many that called my name! I ended up with a looong necklace with pearls and crystals and vintage elements. You can find her at .  

This is the Energizer Bunny, Lori Miller. She is an artist ( that is her work behind her ) a designer, a shop owner, and also works another job. Whew.
Anyway, her booth was chock-full of cool vintage stuff I am drawn to like a moth to a flame.
Funky artwork, wire crowns, santos figurines, architectural and garden elements...and just LOOK at her! She embodies
the 'cool factor' spirit!
I can't wait to visit her shop - it's in a historic round barn !
find her at
Oh, yeah, I bought a plaster santos hand from her.

Awwww, here is the charming Lisa Greene, owner of The Wren's Nest,
 after I sweet-talked her into posing next to her enticing display.
She is a collector and designer of what she calls 'home and personal adornments',
and her pretty little booth was a mix of fun and fancy.
The cross in the picture now belongs to moi!
you can e-mail her at

* Why is my husband smiling? *

Sue Whitney & Lanette Lorsung, the creative goddesses behind Junkmarket.

Lest you think that I had to drag my husband to  Junkmarket Under Glass,
let me assure you that he enjoys this type of show as much as I do.
He has collected vintage cross-country skis for 30 years,
hence  the skis in our living room ceiling...
he is good at repurposing - turning some into coatracks in the entry.

The Queen of All Things Vintage and Cool, Sue Whitney.
who welcomed us with open arms,
and is lively and spunky and fun, and
exudes joy.
You gotta love her.
                               Watch for her Junkmarket events at
                                          and friend her on Facebook under Sue Whitney.


  1. So many things to be inspired and love about this post: Your coat; ski's on the ceiling; the fireplace; bright yellow walls; and junkmarket!

  2. Kim!!! You are so sweet!
    Are you ready for SPRING? Hallelujah, right? sunny and 50 here today!

  3. Lori-
    I am so envious - looks like it was a fabulous show! So enjoyed seeing all the pics and reading about your experience LOVE , love, love your ceiling of skis!!! It seems you might have a creative life partner? What a blessing... Hugs, Colleen

  4. I love your photos! YOUR living room is A
    MAZING, how fun and unique! I love stuff like this~ I am so glad you shared! How wonderful you two can share this creative journey! I'm jealous :D ATB