My oh-so-talented friend Annie is soon opening her own little shop called Annie's Cottage in a lovely old freestanding brick building. Did I mention OLD brick building? The kind that require a lot of time, patience and TLC? Yet there is nobody more suited to this type of project than Annie, who delights in spinning straw into gold. Always an unassuming trendsetter, Annie plans to live onsite, which is why she asked yours truly to paint the wall separating the public and private space. She asked for a thatched roof, wisteria, (or as she put it 'viney stuff') and hollyhocks.  I threw in a bluebird ( naturally ) a wee nest above the door, and a hummingbird. Because Annie is one of those who gives a lot and asks for little. And she should live happily ever after.

 I am looking forward to her opening day.


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