Here's a fun 'no-paint' project to create just in time for Christmas!

                  Hahaha! I just noticed you can see my reflection taking the picture in every shiny bulb...

                               Shhhhhhh...don't tell hubby where his coffee filters disappeared to...


                                                   they are perfect for background collage work

just adhere with your favorite glue
to a small canvas

presto!!!!     INSTANT VINTAGE!!! 

that's probably an oxymoron, huh?

use a pretty scissors to cut frilly background for your image

add your choice of St. Nick image

tear a piece of coffee filter and glue to fill in bottom area of canvas

'stitch' a frame around canvas using just the first dash-mark on this 
fun rubber stamp by Rubbermoon.com

madly stamping! allover print with this funky fave by Rubbermoon 

  add some shimmer with vintage looking glitter

another one of my superduper creative design elements!!!!!!  ...the striped DSW bag!!!!!

it's only too bad I have to buy shoes to get one...

cut bag into strips for sides of canvas, and glue.

see how simple????? yup!!!!!

Pink and red go together in my world... so pink sparkle ribbon too!

Add some good wishes with vintage looking text, and VOILA!!!! 

 and to make your Christmas merrier,  create matching wrapping paper using kraft paper and Rubbermoon stamps,
gift tags from old sheet music and glitter, red and pink curly ribbon, and vintage Christmas balls!

Sleighbells ring, Are you listening? 



  1. This is GREAT! I love it Lori!!

  2. Lori...could this be any more perfect! OH MY GOODNESS! I love this sooo much! Next, your blog, it is so darn cute! Love it all, you are a creative genius!

    1. Aw, what a happy sweet comment, Jeannie!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  3. You are genius! makes me want to break out the Christmas music and start getting all crafty!! Beautiful, fun and Green too! How much better can it get!? xokp

    1. I LOVE my Rubbermoon goodies!!!!! yay!!!!! xoxo

  4. Super-adorable!
    Love the vintage effect you achieved and the wonderful layers!

  5. Perfecto!!!!! Wonderful...Three HEARTS kinda love for this post!

    1. Thank you Miss Barb!!!! You are such a doll!!! xoxo

  6. Oh, this is great!! Very inspiring!! I created a "make your own vintage-style ornaments" kit when I was working at American Greetings and this really gets me in the mood to play with that stuff again!! I love the materials you used. Practical, simple, and lovely results!

    1. Wow, a kit for a vintage-style ornament! how cool!!!!!! I would love to hear more about it! thank you Wendy!!! xoxo

  7. Very, very nice. I like how you have repurposed some items. Thanks for sharing. Great ideas!